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We are Seethalakshmi Food Products - manufacturers of delicious and tasty NO PRESERVATIVE south indian brahmin pickles, based out of Palakkad, Kerala. We offer traditional homemade pickles under the brand Seethalakshmi's and Taste of Palakkad

Regular usage of preservatives is harming the health and vulnerable to dreadful diseases. We value the well-being of our valuable customers and has revived the traditional nostalgic methods of natural pickle preservations used in our gramams. 

 Embrace Organic  ~ Embrace Health

Straight from Production house to your doorstep - Free shipping all over India for orders above 1kg. We also ship to our overseas patron at cost.

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Tender Mango Pickle

Delicious Kadugmangai also called as Vadumangai prepared out of freshly collected tender mangoes and prepared in the traditional way without any preservatives. One packet weighs 500grams

Avakkai Mango Pickle

Fresh raw green avakkai mangoes with the seed crust spiced with fresh condiments and chickpeas for a spicy paste and mango flavour prepared in authentic way in natural preservation. One packet weighs 500grams

Mahani Lime

The famed Mahani kizangu/ Magali root known for its cooling properties collected from the hills, cleaned and cut into tiny pieces preserved with only lime juice and spiced up to be your perfect combination for any food. One packet weighs 500grams

Fresh Lime

Yummy fresh ripe and raw limes (cherunaranga) hygienically cleaned and cut, spiced up and preserved with cold pressed gingelly/mustard oil. One packet weighs 500grams


The traditional citron leaves and curry leaves mixed with tamarind and spices to make delicious side dish for curd rice; ground freshly and shaped as balls. One packet contains 4 balls

Inji Puli

The tamarind delicacy without which a sadhya is never complete. A traditional tamarind sauce spice with ginger, green chillies, curry leaves and condiments preserved with cold pressed gingelly oil. Prepared on pre-order basis. One packet weighs 250grams

Tender mango in brine

Fondly called as uppu manga, this tender mangoes in its apt size is brined in salt water to be used later during the rains as arachukalakki or with dinner kanji. One packet weighs 500grams

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